Our Settlements

Delivery Driver Injury

A FedEx delivery driver was injured when the door of a major Hollywood record producers recording studio collapsed onto him while he was delivering a package to the studio in Malibu. The record producer claimed that it was a co-worker of the driver who caused the overhead door to fall on him. We were able to show thru witness testimony that the studio was 100% at fault due its failure to maintain the facility. We obtained 3 Million Dollars for his injuries.

Apartment Tenant Injury

A man in his 40s was severely injured when the stairway for his apartment building in Los Angeles broke under his feet while he was going down the stairs. The apartment building owners claimed the fall was his own fault and not due to the stairs being broken. After a hard-fought court battle, we obtained 2.2 Million Dollars for his injuries.

High School Football Injury

A High School Football player suffered traumatic brain injury during a game. The Coach was aware of the players injury yet put him back in the game even after he complained of a headache. Only a few minutes after his original complaint and being put back into the game by the grossly negligent coach, the young man collapsed on the filed due to his brain injury. We obtained 5.2 Million Dollars for his injuries.

Car Accident

After a man in 50's suffered a broken neck in a low speed rear-end collision. We successfully sued Ford Motor Co. for a defective seat in his car causing the injury. The force of the collision was very mild, yet the seat of the Ford Aerostar van collapsed and broke as a result of the collision. The seat was recalled as defective by Ford due the seat collapsing due to low speed rear-end collisions. We were able to obtain a settlement for the injured client for 2.5 million dollars for his injuries.

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