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Not only do our past clients trust the work that we do, other attorneys and law firms throughout Southern California respect and regard what we have accomplished in and out of the courtroom.

Attorney Referral Services — Assisting Firms Throughout Southern California

At Sullivan & Sullivan, our trial lawyers are experienced in all types of litigation and personal injury work. We have handled a breadth of issues and cases, preparing our team to take on all types of litigation work. Because of this, other firms routinely refer cases to us that may be beyond the scope of their services and experience. We take on cases from firms handling a wide range of practice areas, including personal injury and business law.

Referral work makes up a large percentage of our firm’s work, and is a growing area of our practice as more and more attorneys throughout Southern California learn about our litigation skill and seek out our services to handle or assist on cases that they do not feel confident litigating.

Our attorneys will intervene in the case, immediately setting to work on detailed case preparation and investigation. Our trial prep is exhaustive, and we take the time to get the details right. Many cases settle out of court as opposing counsel knows of our track record of success in the courtroom and does not wish to risk taking the matter before a judge.

To learn more about our attorney referral services and how we can assist or direct litigation on behalf of your clients, please contact our South Bay law offices today at 310-870-0369.

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