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Getting compensated after a Turo accident in Manhattan Beach can be a nightmare. The reason for this nightmare lies in how Turo operates and the different and sometimes confusing options they give to owners and renters. 

Turo accidents can be complex because they differ from regular car accident claims, where the at-fault party is usually evident. An average Turo rental typically involves the following parties:

  • Turo 
  • The host
  • The renter

This article discusses what you need to know about Turo and how a Manhattan Beach Turo accident lawyer can help you recover compensation for your losses in an accident.

What is Turo?

Turo is a peer-to-peer “car sharing” rental car service that allows people to lend their cars and get paid by the day. The amount they get depends on the value of their vehicle, and they carry out all transactions using an online mobile interface.

The company's catchphrase is "Let your car work for you", and it allows car owners (called hosts) to earn some extra cash when they are not using the car, thus getting greater returns on their investment. For renters, Turo allows them to access high-end and exotic cars for a fraction of the amount they would pay if they were to use car rental companies.

While this premise certainly looks enticing for hosts and prospective renters, all is not as rosy as it seems. The ugly side of things comes into the light when a Turo renter gets into an accident in a Turo rental. 

Getting Compensated After a Turo Car Accident as a Host

With the way Turo operates, it is vital that you, as a host, handle rental transactions as though the renter will crash your car or return it in a worse state than it was when you gave them the keys.

How do you do this? By checking the car thoroughly and recording everything before the renter takes the vehicle. Ideally, the host and renter should do this together and keep separate records. This way, if a dispute arises, there will be evidence to show who was in the right or wrong.

Please do the following:

  • Check the car’s interior and exterior.
  • Start the car and note the mileage. Next, register and report any dashboard warnings such as "check engine light" or some strange behavior, interior noise, or rattles.
  • Send the information either in picture or text form over email to keep track of records.
  • When you return the vehicle, please go over the process again.

If you took the time to do the above, you would be surprised by how much easier things would go when an accident happens. 

Now, when the renter has been involved in an accident with your car, how do you get compensated for your property damage and who pays the victim’s personal injury compensation? Furthermore, who is liable for the losses? A competent Turo accident lawyer can help you determine who to hold accountable for your losses. Additionally, the above information will prove invaluable in supporting your claim.

Getting Compensation as an Injured Victim in a Turo Accident

Turo offers insurance coverage that protects both hosts and renters. For example, hosts have a coverage option that provides $1,000,000 in liability if their car was in an accident and injured someone. However, they can waive this option and provide their commercial insurance instead. Renters also have a similar option, which they may waive and provide their personal insurance instead. 

Because of the different parties with varying insurance coverage, it is understandable if you are unsure whom to address your personal injury claim. For example, should you address it to the host? Or the renter? Or Turo itself? However, an expert and experienced Turo car accident lawyer will help you determine the liable party for your injuries. Additionally, they will help you file the claim so that you are shielded from all the back and forth that may happen due to the multiple parties involved in the case.

Our Team Can Help You With Your Turo Accident Case

If you or your loved one was a victim in a Turo accident, our Manhattan Beach Turo accident lawyers can help you recover damages for your losses. 

We are a Manhattan Beach personal injury law firm and have been serving the South Bay area for over 20 years. We are highly skilled at what we do and committed to maximizing the value of every case. Please get in touch with us today at 310-870-0369 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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