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Serious and Fatal Injuries Archives

Is a coma permanent?

If you or a loved one is in a serious accident, one of you could end up in a coma. When you think of a coma, you probably imagine a state where the person sees and hears nothing. He or she may even be on life support. The fact is that there are a few levels of comas, and a coma isn't exactly the same as a vegetative state.

California teen dies in tragic skateboarding accident

Most teens possess a trait that many California adults envy: a youthful sense of fearlessness. As youths, most people think they are impervious to physical harm or they might think they are experienced enough to avoid disaster. While many adults mourn the loss of their fearlessness, it is important to remember that no one is truly immune to serious injury or sudden death.

Sometimes slip-and-fall accidents are very serious

Many movies and television shows have made light of slip-and-fall accidents for cheap laughs. A character dramatically falls. Their feet go high in the air. There's a loud crash, maybe a joke. Then the character gets up, effectively unharmed.

Fatal California hit and run with a possible twist

On Tuesday, March 21, a male pedestrian was struck by an automobile mere yards away from the Santa Monica Police Department. Paramedics provided immediate treatment for the victim at the scene before he was taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, he died at the hospital, a victim of serious and fatal injuries.

Mild traumatic brain injuries are still a major injury

After a car accident, you might think that you got away with only scrapes and bruises, or that your injuries only included a hurt limb. These should certainly receive proper medical attention, and you should also make sure that your medical care provider looks for signs of a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Slip-and-fall accidents can cause serious, even permanent, damage

When most people imagine a slip-and-fall accident, they imagine people hitting their butts on the floor, dusting themselves off and going on their way. In reality, as people age, the body becomes less resilient to this kind of trauma. What might have been cause for gentle teasing and laughter in your teen and college years can actually cause serious physical injuries to older adults.

California tour bus accident leaves 1 dead and 26 injured

Just around noon on Feb. 27, a charter tour bus crashed into two vehicles in the Mojave Desert. Unfortunately, the collision resulted in serious and fatal injuries involving nearly 30 victims. The report indicates that the bus veered into the opposite lane for "reasons unknown." It struck two small vehicles, a Chevy Spark and a Subaru Outback in a head-on collision.

Treatment for serious injuries can continue past acute care

Here is the common scenario people envision following a serious accident injury in California. You are taken to an emergency room or acute care facility for urgent treatment. Once you are out of immediate danger, you enter a hospital room where you can settle down and recover with the help of the facility's staff. After some time has passed and you have largely healed from your injuries, it is time to go home and continue your recovery.


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