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Black boxes help prove negligence in trucking cases

After a truck accident, one thing that could help your case is if you can obtain the black box from the truck. Commercial vehicles have a black box that records what happens throughout the day. These Electronic Control Modules (EMCs) collect data on the truck's operations including speed, time driven, RPMs, seat belt usage, idling time and other important data.

Large truck crashes cause serious injuries and fatalities

Large trucks are involved in around one in 10 highway crashes, which in itself shows how often these vehicles end up harming others. Large truck crashes typically result in injuries, and if any party is killed, it tends to be those in the passenger vehicle. The reason for this is because the larger truck provides better protection to its driver. The smaller passenger vehicle is no match for the larger, heavier vehicle that collides with it.

Steps to take to obtain compensation for truck accident

Truck accidents can be the most devastating accidents on the roads of California because of the sheer size and force of the vehicles. Trucks need more time to stop because of their size and weight, which is why most accidents can be horrific. If you've been injured in a truck accident, here's the steps you should take to obtain compensation in Manhattan Beach.

Drowsy driving is extremely dangerous

A drowsy driver -- if he or she falls asleep at the wheel -- is far more dangerous than a drunk driver. However, it can be difficult for California law enforcement to enforce drowsy driving since there are no real tests to determine whether or not a driver has received sufficient levels of sleep before getting behind the wheel.

Common causes of truck accidents in California

Truck accidents happen too often on the roads of California. Trucks are vital to the nation's economy as the more you see, the stronger it is. But, they can cause some of the most horrific and tragic accidents you see on the news today. Here are some of the most common causes of truck accidents in the state of California.

Why are truck accidents so dangerous in California?

Traffic congestion in California is not only common, it's to be expected by almost every motorist in the state. Because of the congestion, accidents happen quite frequently, with a lot of them involving trucks of all sizes and loads. But, what is it about truck accidents that make them so dangerous in California?


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