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3 preventable causes of truck crashes

Truck accidents happen suddenly, but many drivers show signs of problems well before an accident takes place. For example, if you've ever driven down the road and noticed the vehicle swaying in and out of the lane, then you've probably already recognized that something is wrong with the vehicle or driver.

Staying safe while motorcycling: 3 tips

You love getting out into the sun on your motorcycle, but you know there are significant safety risks when you do so. How can you keep yourself safe, and how do you protect other riders around you when you're in your passenger vehicle?

Could this device prevent many truck accident deaths?

One of the biggest dangers relating to a commercial truck accident relates to what is referred to as an "underride accident." The accidents happen when a smaller car goes under the trailer of a truck and gets crushed. In these crashes, the car may go partially or completely beneath the truck and they often result in the death of the vehicle driver and his or her passengers. Hundreds of people died from underride accidents in 2015.

Bitten on the beach: What you can do now

All you wanted was to have a fun day at the beach, but it was promptly ruined as soon as some people brought their dogs out to play. At first, you thought they'd be fun, since you'd expect pets to be well-behaved in public. Soon, you found they were aggressive and snippy any time you got too close to where the people had sat down.

Replenishing beaches may result in tourist injuries

Here's something interesting you may never have thought about. When new sand is placed on a beach, it's not settled as well as older sand. This can lead to severe injuries. Why? Without the sandbars further from the shore, the waves come in harder and throw individuals into the sand in ways that could lead to fractures, head injuries and other wounds. Essentially, beaches with replenished shores could be more dangerous than those that are naturally occurring.

Self driving cars: A debate on morality

Self-driving or autonomous vehicles look like they're here to stay. We will probably see more and more of them in the future, and we may soon be sharing our roads with them in California. The notion of having a computer program driving us around town is pretty interesting, and it also brings up some serious morality concerns.

What are the elements of a wrongful death claim?

California families that lost a loved one in a serious accident may be able to pursue wrongful death claims. Especially if the family members were dependents, spouses, children or other close relatives, they may have strong wrongful death claims to pursue if it was negligence or unlawful behavior that caused their loved one's death.


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