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Chronic pain after a crash: Your options as a survivor

After a crash, one thing that some people have to deal with is lasting, chronic pain. Chronic pain is pain that lasts for weeks, months or years with little respite. Originally, the pain may have been caused by a crash or accident, injury or infection, but now, it seems like it will never end.

Understand the many causes of a motorcycle accident

There is no better feeling than hopping on your motorcycle, hitting the open road and enjoying your ride. It doesn't matter if you're riding for a few minutes or several hours, you're sure to have a smile on your face as motorcycle enthusiasts thrive in the warmer weather common in Manhattan Beach.

A good helmet can save your life in a motorcycle crash

Wearing a helmet when you're on any open-air vehicle is common sense. No matter how carefully you drive, there's always the potential for someone else to overlook you on your motorcycle, causing a catastrophic crash. Even if you don't personally enjoy wearing a helmet when on your bike, in California, anyone who operates or rides on a motorcycle must wear one under state law. Those who drive motorcycles can receive a ticket if they or their passengers are not wearing helmets.

What are your options after a vicious dog attack?

It only takes a second for a seemingly-friendly encounter with a dog to turn violent. An animal running loose in the park could knock you or your child to the ground and cause severe injuries. Your friend's pet may suddenly become defensive, biting and maiming you or a loved one when you visit. It's even possible for a dog to jump over a fence or out of a vehicle and attack you without warning.

It takes a joint effort to keep motorcyclists safe on the roads

Motorcyclists deserve to remain just as safe as everyone else on the roadway. It takes everyone who is driving to pay close attention to safety to make this happen. This is a big undertaking that can't be ignored because the consequences of not following safety guidelines are too serious.

Beach-goers may not be safe from vehicle accidents in California

When you're on the beach, the last thing you're likely thinking about is the risk of being in a motor vehicle accident. You may think that there aren't many vehicles on the beach, so you don't have to worry about it. The truth is that accidents do sometimes happen on beaches because of emergency vehicles, four-wheelers, boats or other motor vehicles.


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