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Manhattan Beach Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

53-year-old high school teacher dies in head-on collision

A 53-year-old high school teacher from Pleasant Valley, California, died in a tragic head-on car accident last week. The incident happened on a Sunday at approximately 5 p.m., along Highway 32, just outside of Chico.

The California Highway Patrol says that the teacher died after an oncoming vehicle entered the opposing lane of traffic while trying to pass other cars. Unfortunately, even though both motorists attempted to navigate around one another, there was insufficient space to avoid the collision.

What to do after a bicycle accident in California

Over recent years, bicycles have become more and more popular as a means of transportation. Whether it is for the exercise, the environmental impact or the simple sense of freedom, more people than ever are riding bikes on a regular basis. However, like most activities, riding bicycles is not without risk.

As more people move toward bicycles for transportation, the amount of interaction between cyclists and motor vehicle drivers increases. Even though many cities have worked to update infrastructure to include bike-specific lanes, motorist and cyclists still share roads. Sometimes this can result in accidents, even if you were following all the proper laws. If you are involved in a bicycle accident, you should be sure to take certain steps.

What can an accident reconstruction expert do to help your case?

When you file a claim over a car accident, the first question that everybody tries to answer is, "Who caused this accident to happen?"

The answer to that question is often not entirely clear. The reality is that accidents happen fast, memories are prone to error and even eye-witnesses may not really remember an event the way that it actually happened. Accident reconstruction experts take a lot of the "human" factor out of the equation and use science to show how and why an accident occurred.

Can Vision Zero protect pedestrians' lives in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles, like many major cities across the United States, is participating in a project called "Vision Zero." First begun in Sweden two decades ago, the goal of this traffic safety policy is to eliminate highway accidents and driving errors that cause deaths and injuries.

The multi-pronged approach focuses on employing different strategies that involve principles of engineering, education, traffic law enforcement, equity and evaluation.

3 tips for preventing a motorcycle accident

Modern motorcycles are high-performance vehicles with many safety features. However, nothing will ever make an open-air, two-wheeled vehicle without any protection from the elements safer than a car. For this reason, motorcyclists need to be wise and careful in order to avoid a serious accident and injuries. Here are three tips that every Los Angeles biker can do to stay safe.

Stay within your skill level and what fits you when shopping for a new bike. Bikes are more powerful than they were in the past, and riders who haven't been on the road in a long while may be surprised at how much bike you can buy. Make sure that you buy a bike that fits you, so your feet rest easily and flat on the roadway when you're stopped. Make sure the handlebars are easy to hold and that you can reach all of the controls.

Negligent roadway design or maintenance can lead to injury

Sometimes, when a car hits a motorcycle, the accident has less to do with poor driving than it does poor roadways.

For example, the jury in one recent case found that California's Department of Transportation was responsible for the loss of a star athlete's leg after he was hit while on his motorcycle at a dangerous intersection by a turning passenger vehicle. The athlete, who was a former UCLA football player, was awarded $35 million in damages when the jury agreed that the intersection where the accident occurred was negligently designed. Furthermore, the lawsuit alleged that Caltran knew that the intersection was a hazard and did nothing to correct the problem.

David Spade involved in multi-vehicle wreck in Los Angeles

It's no laughing matter that comedian and actor David Spade suffered reportedly minor injuries after he was involved in a collision in his Range Rover this week.

TMZ, along with a host of other media outlets, reported that the wreck occurred by the intersection of Sunset and Beverly Boulevards and involved three vehicles.

Preventing child pedestrian crashes

One of the greatest fears of California parents is the threat of their children being involved in a pedestrian crash. We try to teach our children the best we can, but they still react impulsively to different situations and that could result in an unintended pedestrian accident -- especially if a child plays or walks in the street or darts into traffic.

Here is some advice on how to teach your children to be safe when crossing streets:

Are burn injuries an important issue for motorcyclists?

Burn injuries probably aren't the first thing that come to your mind when you think of the consequences of a motorcycle crash—but they're actually very common.

There are three different usual causes of burn injuries commonly associated with motorcycle accidents:

Jury finds tour bus company primarily liable for teen's death

When a teen exercises bad judgment and dies as a result, who is responsible—the teenager or the adults who either ignored his or her behavior or contributed to it?

According to one California jury, it's the adults who should bear the brunt of the blame. The jury gave the family of a 16-year-victim a $26 million dollar settlement for a wrongful death claim.


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