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Driving with young kids can be very distracting

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2022 | Car Accidents |

If you ask people who are the most distracted drivers, chances are they will say those who send texts incessantly or chat on their cell phones at the wheel. There is another group that belongs in that category, too, according to a 2020 study. Although you may not have known it, “toddler parents are among the most distracted drivers on our roads.”

Being distracted by anything while driving is perilous for you and your passengers and for other motorists and their passengers. Those on bikes or walking are also endangered when a driver is not concentrating. 

What makes toddlers so risky to drive with?

Common reasons why young children make challenging passengers:

  • Squabbling with their brothers or sisters when everyone is cooped up in a vehicle.
  • They need to be kept occupied.
  • Kids this age have big, sudden meltdowns. 
  • They have a brief attention span.
  • They are frequently thirsty or hungry.

It’s natural for a mom or dad to want to comfort their children on the spot. Yet it is unwise when driving. Turning around to give them a warning glance or yell at them also take your focus away from the road.

Find safe methods of coping when you are on the road

Pulling over to deal with your kids is much better than trying to do it at the same time as driving. Maybe an adult passenger can pitch in to assist you. If another driver causes an accident that hurt you because they were distracted by children in their car, see if getting compensation is a possibility.

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