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Boating can be a hazardous pastime 

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents - Plaintiff |

As California boasts pleasant weather for most of the year, people like to engage in outdoor activities. One popular activity is watersports, with boat rentals being a booming industry. 

While most people enjoy hitting the waters without issue, the sea can be a dangerous place. Even experienced and cautious operators can quickly end up in trouble. It is vital to recognize the potential dangers when heading out to sea. Outlined below are some of the more common causes of boating accidents

Unique challenges for inexperienced operators

Although the law in California does impose some restrictions on who can operate boats legally, the gap in experience between new boaters and seasoned operators may still be significant. 

Even in The Golden State, the waters can be unpredictable. Someone with more experience will be better equipped to deal with challenging scenarios compared to a person who has hired or bought a vessel on a whim. 

Distractions can be deadly

Distractions are a notable topic in the field of vehicular accidents, and this is also the case for boating incidents. Smartphones and other technologies all have the potential to divert the attention of boaters. It only takes a split second for a boat to veer off course, risking a collision with another vessel or an unanticipated crash into the shore. 

Even when traveling at a slower pace, it is vital that boaters pay attention to their surroundings. Complacency and inattention can result in devastating accidents. 

Waterways can have traffic, too

As mentioned previously, water activities are extremely popular in California. This means that jet skis, speed boats, fishing vessels and commercial boats may all be operating within the same vicinity at any one time. Although there are regulations in place to try and maintain some kind of order, waterways can be even harder to control than the roads. Ultimately, boaters rely heavily on the behavior of others with regard to their safety. 

Safety on the California waterways is a key issue that warrants careful consideration. If you have been injured at sea, understanding your legal options could be of great benefit.  

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