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Serious injuries you can sustain following a slip and fall accident

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2021 | Personal Injury - Plaintiff |

A slip and fall can ruin your day, week or even life. One moment you are striding on your own, the next you are facing a life-altering injury. And these injuries can happen suddenly to anyone almost anywhere. They can also be quite costly, resulting in injuries that cost thousands of dollars to treat.

Slip and fall accidents are one of the major causes of emergency room visits. Here are some of the injuries you can sustain in a slip and fall accident:

Broken bones

A broken bone often happens when more pressure is exerted on the bone than it can handle. While anyone can break a bone in a slip and fall accident, the older an individual is, the more likely they will break a bone during these accidents. Some of the common types of broken bones you can suffer during a slip and fall include hip, wrist and ankle fractures.

Spinal cord injuries

These injuries occur when the spinal cord is strained. Spinal cord injuries can be life-altering, and require immediate medical attention as well as long-term care. In fact, spinal cord injuries are usually some of the most expensive to treat. Depending on the extent of the damage, a spinal cord injury could even be permanent.

Head injuries

A brain injury, however minor, requires immediate medical attention. A minor concussion may clear up on its own. However, if you have sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI), you could suffer permanent loss of function. No matter how fine you feel, it is important that you see a doctor, especially if you experience swelling, bleeding or loss of consciousness.

Soft-tissue injuries

Soft tissue injuries are not always visible outwardly. In fact, it may take days or even weeks to notice your injuries. Left untreated, soft tissue injuries can result in chronic pain.

Slip and fall accidents can be devastating. Recognizing some of the more common slip and fall injuries can help you better communicate your issues to your doctor as well as the court during your personal injury claim

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