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Who is legally responsible for in-flight airplane injuries?

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2021 | Personal Injury - Plaintiff |

Traveling by air is convenient and fast for vacationers visiting California and for Manhattan Beach residents that commute. However, air travel is becoming more dangerous than ever, as evidenced by the many news stories about in-flight accidents and injuries.

When a severe personal injury occurs during a flight, victims typically have no idea who is legally responsible for their harm. Our experience with mass transit accidents has given us insight into determining who may be liable for in-flight airplane injuries. We want to pass this information on to our readers and any party injured during a flight.

What kinds of injuries occur during air travel?

Airplanes are a marvel of modern engineering and designed to maximize space for travelers and crew. Usually, this means that the aisles are clear of debris, and everything in the craft is tightly secured. Despite this, accidents and injuries can occur in the following ways.

  • Items falling from overhead bins
  • Contact with mobile food carts
  • Turbulence-related slips and falls
  • Contact with the fuselage during turbulence (banging your head, etc.)
  • Lavatory accidents

In many cases, you can hold the airline you are traveling with legally responsible for your injuries. Air carriers are governed under the Federal Aviation Act and held to high passenger safety standards. If the crew makes an in-flight mistake that leads to a personal injury, you may have grounds to file a successful injury claim.

For example, the flight crew is responsible for your health and safety the entire time you are onboard. If the flight crew fails to warn you about safety hazards (turbulence, etc.) and you suffer an injury, you could hold the airline responsible for the action or inaction of the crew. We recommend learning more about personal injury law to determine the ideal course of action in the wake of your in-flight injury.

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