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Can you get compensation after beauty salon or day spa injuries?

| Nov 8, 2021 | Personal Injury - Plaintiff |

For many, spending time at a beauty salon or a day spa is the definition of luxurious relaxation. Day spas have become increasingly popular for women and men in Manhattan Beach. These facilities represent the ideal in giving oneself the care they needed to cope with life’s little surprises.

Speaking of surprises, sometimes you can leave a salon or spa in worse shape than you were upon arrival. Unfortunately, the growing popularity of these facilities means that not all of them are as safe as people expect.

What kind of injuries can occur on spa and salon premises?

The personal care and beauty industries carry a lot more health and injury risks than you might imagine. If the business property is in poor condition or lacks proper sanitation, illnesses and injuries may occur. Examples include:

  • Severe chemical burns from facial peels or hair products
  • Slips and falls near pools, saunas or hot tubs
  • Potentially severe infections from dirty equipment
  • Burns from overly hot steam or water (in pools, saunas, etc.)
  • Muscle or bone injuries from aggressive massage techniques
  • Scalp injuries and extreme or permanent hair loss

Those that operate a business open to the public have a legal duty to provide an environment reasonably free of hazards. When they fail in this duty, injured customers may pursue financial compensation through a negligence claim. A successful claim can ensure victims acquire the funds necessary to improve their recovery and eliminate financial hardships (lost wages, medical bills, etc.).

We recommend learning more about your legal options after suffering an injury in or on the grounds of a California business or in a private residence.

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