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3 common reasons why people trip, slip or fall down staircases 

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2021 | Personal Injury - Plaintiff |

Stairs are everywhere, in homes, doctor’s offices, apartment complexes, stores and workplaces — and people often take them even when they have alternatives, like elevators.

Unfortunately, stairs pose many safety risks. While there are dozens of reasons that individuals fall on them, some of the more common reasons they do include:

Handrail issues

No matter how able-bodied or fit someone may seem, they may still rely on using handrails to regain their footing if they get caught up in the momentum as they travel up or down the stairs. They might also use the handrail to stabilize themselves when climbing a steep staircase with narrow treads or constructed from notoriously slippery material. 

Most jurisdictions have building codes requiring these handrails to be placed in certain areas as set heights to ensure that they’re most effective. They’re also most effective when installed correctly, to have the capacity to bear an adult’s weight and to undergo regular maintenance to ensure their stability. Someone may fall and get hurt if none of these factors are accounted for.

Inadequate lighting

Lighting plays many roles. It makes it easier to see how many stairs there are, the material they’re constructed of and whether anything is on them. Property owners can greatly minimize individuals’ injuries by installing lighting or improving upon what’s there, including bulbs that have become burned out. 

Decaying building materials

Both ceramic and vinyl tiles can deteriorate over time. So too can wood planks, carpet and any other building materials. Property owners must regularly inspect these to ensure that they don’t unnecessarily put anyone at risk of slipping and falling. 

A slip, trip or fall down a set of stairs can be physically devastating. Fortunately, there are premises liability laws in place that allow them to recover compensation in such situations. If you’ve been hurt due to a property owner’s negligence, find out more about your legal options. 

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