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How helpful is a motorcycle helmet?

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2021 | Motorcycle Accidents |

A motorcycle helmet is one of the tools you can use to stay safe when you ride your motorcycle. Wearing a helmet makes riding your motorcycle safer, because it prevents the wind from stinging the skin or debris from entering the eyes when a visor is used. Wearing a helmet protects your skull in the case of a collision and reduces noise, so you can hear what’s happening around you better.

There are multiple kinds of motorcycle helmets, such as:

  • Full-face motorcycle helmets
  • Open-face motorcycle helmets
  • Dual-sport motorcycle helmets
  • Half-shell motorcycle helmets
  • Modular motorcycle helmets

Of these, the full-face helmet offers the best protection.

How helpful are motorcycle helmets?

Motorcycle helmets are very helpful and reduce the risk of a head injury by approximately 69%. They also reduce the risk of a fatal injury to the head by 42%.

Inside a motorcycle helmet, there are a few layers that help to protect you. For example, there is a helmet shell material, lining and padding. The lining and padding is normally made with Styrofoam and expanded polystyrene, which are both types of densely packed foam that absorb impacts well. Some helmets also have interior padding to create a snug fit to hold the helmet in place.

Why don’t all motorcyclists wear helmets?

One of the reasons why some people don’t wear helmets is because some helmets are heavy or uncomfortable. However, if a helmet is heavy or uncomfortable, the likelihood is that it’s the wrong helmet for that individual. People looking to buy helmets should find those that weigh around three pounds, which is enough to provide protection but not be too heavy to wear comfortably.

Additionally, anyone looking for a helmet should be prepared to find one with the correct size and fit. They are normally found in small, medium or large sizes. Getting the right fit is essential to make sure the helmet provides the best protection.

A good motorcycle helmet could help you if you get involved in a motorcycle crash. All riders are expected to wear helmets meeting state requirements, and it is against the law to ride without one.

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