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What makes a puncture wound so dangerous?

On Behalf of | May 26, 2021 | Dog Bite Injury |

Animal bites have one thing in common regardless of the kind of animal you were bitten by: They are full of bacteria. This is bad no matter how serious the bite is, but interestingly, it may be worse when you have nothing more than a simple puncture wound.

Unfortunately, because puncture wounds seem minor, most people won’t seek treatment for them unless they’re painful or become infected. Realistically, it’s likely that the wound will become infected, because the bacteria is pushed deep into the tissues. On top of that, the top of the wound may close easily, so oxygen cannot read the wound to kill off bacteria.

Puncture wounds have the potential to fester and become badly infected, which is why you should seek immediate treatment after getting bitten.

Dog bites and punctures need medical treatment

Whether the bite is large or small, it’s important to seek medical treatment. A bite may push bacteria into the wound as well as other kinds of materials. At the hospital, the medical team will need to debride the area by washing it out. If the puncture is very deep, the person who was bitten may need to undergo general anesthesia to have the wound cleaned out well and sutured.

Infections are a cause for concern in puncture wounds

Infections are likely in puncture wounds, even if they’re washed or antibacterial products are used on them. It’s possible to develop some serious illnesses from bite wounds, too, depending on the animal. For example, rabies and tetanus could develop if the animal was carrying the toxins. Both are potentially deadly. Other infections may cause life-threatening illnesses, too. Any infection has the potential to spread to the blood and cause sepsis, which may develop into septic shock.

Always seek medical attention for puncture wounds

Although it may seem unnecessary, it is necessary to seek medical care after even a minor dog bite and puncture wound. It’s possible to pursue compensation to cover these medical expenses, as well as other expenses and losses that accrue, from the owner of the animal. There are insurance coverages, like homeowner’s insurance, that may cover the injuries to the victim.

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