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Should you run from a road rage driver?

On Behalf of | May 19, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents - Plaintiff |

When another driver has road rage, it can be frightening. They may repeatedly cut you off, tailgate your car or even threaten you by yelling out the window.

But what should you do? Your first instinct may to be to get as far away from that driver as possible, as fast as possible. But is that safe?

Leave in a safe, controlled manner

Leaving the confrontation is the right move. You want to put distance between you and the other driver, and you never want to escalate things.

With that said, you should leave in a safe, controlled manner. Never stop and get out, but feel free to slow down. Switch lanes if you think it will help. Eventually, you can turn down a side street or exit the highway.

Speeding away, though, just puts you in more danger. The other driver may take it as a challenge and chase you. Even if they don’t, breaking the speed limit puts you and all of the other drivers around you at risk.

You do not want to increase the odds of a crash while trying to flee from a road rage incident. You also never want to break the law — or the speed limit — while doing so. Keep a firm grip on your own emotions, no matter how hard that is, and try to avoid conflict.

If you get injured, you may deserve compensation

If you get involved in an accident, whether it’s intentionally caused by the road rage driver or not, you may have a right to seek compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering and many related costs.

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