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Even minor dog bites may lead to significant health problems

| Mar 10, 2021 | Dog Bite Injury |

Dog bites can result in bruising, cuts, broken bones and other soft tissue injuries, many of them quite severe. However, other risks may also come with a dog bite.

Unforeseen health conditions and infections can occur after a bite, but most Manhattan Beach victims are unaware of these risks. If left unaddressed, these illnesses can sicken victims and may lead to death in some cases.

4 health conditions caused by dog bites

Your first step should be identifying your condition and then connecting it to the bite.

  1. While rare in the modern era, rabies is rare is often a deadly health condition. It occurs from contact with contaminated saliva, which can happen when victims are bitten or scratched by an infected animal.
  2. Tetanus is another potentially fatal illness often transmitted through a dog bite. Those not vaccinated against tetanus could become ill after a dog attack.
  3. Capnocytophaga canimorsus is present in the gums and saliva of healthy dogs. In some people, exposure to the capnocytophaga bacteria results in severe infections.
  4. Exposure to Pasteurella multocida through a dog bite is a dangerous but often underreported condition. Pasteurella sometimes leads to chronic localized infections in the tissue, bones and bone marrow of victims.

Each of the infections and conditions above require prompt medical treatment to prevent worsening symptoms and sometimes death. When a negligent animal owner is liable for your injuries, the compensation you gain through an injury claim helps you manage your health care costs.

With legal assistance, you may be eligible to pursue compensation after a negligent dog bite. Such compensation covers lost wages associated with the attack as well as medical expenses and other out-of-pocket costs.

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