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A broken bone from a crash could be more serious than you think

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents - Plaintiff |

You probably know right away that you have a broken bone after a car crash. Unless you have only a minor, stable fracture, you will likely experience pain and may even have a visibly obvious break in the bone. You may not be able to use the affected body part or put any weight on it.

When compared with a spinal cord injury or a head injury, a broken arm or leg may not seem like a big deal after a serious car crash. However, the fracture could be more significant than you realize.

Spiral fractures are often hard to set

The intense motion and force involved in a car crash can put pressure on a bone in unusual ways. Spiral fractures occur when there is a twisting energy involved in the breaking process. The bone may break in a very uneven manner that is hard to set because the bone was in an unnatural position when the break occurred. In some cases, spiral fractures can also be comminuted fractures, which may require surgery or even the implantation of medical devices.

Comminuted fractures can require ongoing medical care

Spiral fracture isn’t the only time that the bone breaks in many places. In a comminuted fracture, a single bone breaks in to more than two pieces. The more intense the force, the more likely there are to be multiple small pieces that are very hard for medical professionals to work with.

These fractures may require surgery and extensive physical therapy for a full recovery. Additionally, especially if your job is physical in nature, you could miss far more than the standard six to eight weeks that people have when all they need is a cast for their broken bone to heal.

Knowing the extent of the broken bone and its effect on your finances can make it easier for you to deal with insurance after a car crash. In some cases, the expenses may exceed the coverage available, so you may also have to consider a lawsuit in order to bounce back from a severe broken bone.

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