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E-bikes create safety hazard in Manhattan Beach

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents - Plaintiff |

If you have spent any time at all recently on The Strand, you are likely to have noticed the proliferation of people riding on electric bicycles. The popularity of e-bikes has spiked markedly in recent months.

Unfortunately, what has also spiked is the frequency of injuries to pedestrians and others who inadvertently tangle with the e-bikers in Manhattan Beach and South Bay. 

Some e-bikers flout local laws

According to a local police sergeant, “With the popularity of these e-bikes, [there have been] some safety concerns and violations of the law.” As reported, both adults and minors frequently fail to wear helmets while operating their e-bikes. Accidents between e-bikers and pedestrians have left some with injuries.

Enforcement efforts have redoubled

Because of the uptick in e-biking and the corresponding injury reports, law enforcement began an enforcement campaign last Saturday to ticket those for unsafe e-bike operations, including:

  • E-biking on The Strand, which is solely for pedestrians
  • Riding e-bikes on the bike path (human-powered bikes only, please)
  • E-biking on sidewalks
  • E-biking without a helmet

The police sergeant added that “During these difficult times, we encourage our residents to get out and exercise safely.” However, he urged e-bikers to educate themselves and their children “on the laws of electric bicycles in California as well as the related Manhattan Beach Municipal Codes.” 

Were you injured in a collision with an e-bike?

You don’t have to be at fault to suffer devastating injuries in a crash with an electric bicyclist. Fractures and even traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can arise from even seemingly low-speed accidents. You may need to learn more about your rights to file a claim for damages after an e-bike collision leaves you injured.

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