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Serious injuries can occur in a semitruck rollover

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

People around California see semitrucks on the roadways constantly. While many people might not think much about these large vehicles, those big rigs can cause accidents that seriously injure people. One of the particular risks that they face is a rollover accident.

There are many reasons a semitruck might roll over. The trucker may lose control of the rig because the contents of the trailer shift. It’s also possible that the trucker will have to swerve to avoid hitting something. The weight distribution of the load may contribute to the truck rolling over. Speed is sometimes a contributing factor.

How can rollovers be prevented?

Following proper safety protocol can help prevent many rollover crashes. Trucking companies should have the protocol set in place, and the truckers must comply with them. When truckers are driving unsafely, rollovers can occur, but they aren’t always the ones at fault.

Improper loading can also lead to semitruck rollovers. Loads may shift and cause an imbalance that tips the rig. This could mean that the party who loaded and secured the cargo might be at fault for the wreck.

When a semitruck rolls over, anything in the path of the truck or trailer can suffer damage. Occupants of vehicles may have catastrophic injuries. This may lead to them seeking compensation for the financial impact the wreck had on them. The case is handled through the civil court system, so there are time limits for filing it. Discussing the situation with an attorney who’s familiar with these matters is beneficial, so you can learn your options and formulate a plan.

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