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The holiday delivery season has started: Drivers beware!

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

The 2020 holiday season has rolled around fast, and a lot of folks have already started shopping. It’s estimated that the vast majority of them will be using the internet to do it. Conservative estimates indicate that e-commerce sales may climb 25% over the totals for 2019.

That means you can anticipate a lot more delivery trucks on the road, from the likes of Amazon and others. You may encounter them on the highway, when traveling through your town or city and on your own neighborhood street.

Why does it matter to you? Well, mostly because you need to be especially cautious about the possibility of accidents. Investigations in prior years have revealed the immense pressure that delivery drivers face to get packages to consumers within the promised time. That pressure has led to all kinds of serious accidents, some of them fatal.

Here are some of the factors delivery drivers may be facing:

  • They may work under contract for Amazon. That’s a highly-competitive business, and drivers have complained that they have so many demands on them that they can’t even stop for bathroom breaks. If they’re rushing to make a delivery, they may not be paying enough attention to safety.
  • They may be incredibly distracted. Many delivery trucks are linked to a dispatcher and using electronic directional systems to guide them. If their GPS is talking to them and a dispatcher starts asking questions, they may lose focus on the road.
  • They may be stressed out and angry. That can lead to incidents of “road rage” or aggressive driving that puts everyone around them at risk.

If you end up in a wreck with a commercial vehicle during this holiday season, don’t despair: You have the right to file a claim for compensation. An attorney can help make sure the process is fair.

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