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Riding your motorcycle in the rain? Stay safe with this guide

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents |

If you own a motorcycle, you already know that there’s nothing like the freedom of the open road — and you’ve probably already taken your bike out of its winter storage so that you can head back out on the road.

But April showers abound, so it’s important to remember that riding in the rain requires a little extra care to stay safe. Here’s a guide:

1. Make sure that you wear appropriate clothing and gear.

Riding in the rain is easier if you’re comfortable. Consider:

  • Adding thin layers that can be stripped off if they get soaked or you get too warm
  • Using a helmet with an anti-fog visor and a breath guard, so that your vision isn’t impaired
  • Bright, reflective vests, accents, tape or other gear so that you’re extra-visible in dim light to the drivers of passenger cars and other vehicles

Let practicality and safety rule your choices — not fashion.

2. Look out for other drivers.

You already know that the drivers of passenger cars tend to overlook you. It may be worse in the rain.

Be particularly cautious around intersections. Drivers may overestimate their stopping distance in the rain, which could put your in danger even if you’re just sitting at a light. Stay alert, so that you stay safe.

3. Go slower and smoother.

Your bike will handle differently in the rain, so concentrate on maintaining an appropriate speed and braking early (not hard). Be careful how much you lean into a curve and watch for areas where water is sitting so that you don’t hydroplane.

You don’t have to let the rain stop you from riding — but you do need to be more conscious of the risks. If you’re injured in a motorcycle wreck due to another driver’s mistakes, an experienced legal advocate can help.

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