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Do not ‘brake check’ another driver

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Do you know how “brake checking works?” It’s fairly simple. When one driver starts tailgating another, the driver in front decides to aggressively hit their brakes. This forces the tailgater to brake just as hard and possibly swerve to avoid a crash. People do it to “teach a lesson” to tailgaters.

The second thing you should know about this practice is that you should never do it. It’s dangerous and unnecessary. Many people consider it to be just a type of road rage. It can cause accidents that never would have happened otherwise.

Think about what may happen when you hit your brakes. You could do far more than scare the tailgater into a safe following distance. What if they swerve to miss you and drive into the oncoming lanes? If they hit another car, you have now caused a devastating accident that could even be deadly for someone who was never involved in the situation at all.

The problem is that emotions often take over. You feel angry that they’re tailgating you, and you lash out at them. Rather than doing that, just keep driving calmly and following the speed limit. If you’re really nervous that they’re going to hit you because they’re so close, consider changing lanes or even pulling over to let them pass. Life is short. It’s not worth risking it over someone else’s bad driving habits.

Dangerous drivers are everywhere. Even when you drive carefully, you could get hit by someone else and suffer serious injuries. Make sure you are well aware of your rights to financial compensation.

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