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Why do kids get struck by cars?

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2020 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents |

A leading cause of death among children, especially those between the age of 5 and 9, is getting struck by a car. Kids often are struck because they’re left to navigate the crossing of a street alone despite not being mature or experienced enough to do so.

It takes great skill to gauge how long it will take a car to reach where you’re at. You must have reasonable foresight to anticipate a car turning into your path from a side street or parking lot. Determining how long it will take for a car to stop at a traffic light or for you to cross the street is also a skill.

Children often lack the insight and critical thinking skills necessary to make such complex decisions. This is why kids often get hurt when they’re left to navigate the roads on their own.

A previously published Psychological Science study captured how one of the slowest skills for children to develop is perceptual abilities.

The study’s researchers found that children tend to develop more acute perceptual abilities as they age. This means that it’s not until they’re older that kids can more effectively sense when a vehicle is approaching.

Those same researchers found that children have difficulty detecting cars if they’re traveling at a rate greater than 20 miles per hour though. The scientists also determined that children and adults alike have difficulty identifying any vehicle the faster that they’re moving.

The researchers concluded that protecting kids ultimately rests in the hands of adult motorists. They noted that it’s their responsibility to operate their vehicles at the posted speed limits, especially in school zones or residential areas where children may be congregating. This is particularly the case since the researchers found that children are three times more likely to be struck by a car when motorists are traveling over 25 mph.

You can only do so much to protect your child as a parent. You have to give your son or daughter some freedom to learn and grow if you want them to continue developing into a productive adult. One of the best things that you can do if your child has been struck by a negligent California motorist is to consult with an attorney in Manhattan Beach. Your lawyer can advise you of your right to reimbursement for your child’s medical expenses and other related costs.

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