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Road rash can quickly become a serious injury

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2020 | Uncategorized |

One of the risks that come with motorcycle crashes is road rash. While this is often considered one of the best injuries to suffer, it can turn into a serious matter. Motorcyclists can sometimes reduce the chance that they will end up with road rash by wearing protective clothing when they ride. This isn’t always foolproof, so knowing a bit about road rash is beneficial.

Road rash can cover a large area of the body. The abrasions may be painful. Because of the broken skin, there is a risk that the area will become infected. In most cases, the rash will heal in around two weeks; however, more serious wounds and ones that become infected can lead to prolonged healing.

Usually treated outside of the hospital

Road rash is usually treated at home, but people who have severe cases or who have a very large percentage of the body covered in abrasions might be kept in the hospital for more intensive care. The main goals of home care include keeping the wounds clean and protecting them from further damage.

In the early days, you might feel pain in the area. Sometimes, treatment plans call for pain-relieving medications prior to dressing changes and as needed throughout the day. As the wounds heal, they might begin to feel tight or itch. Keeping them moisturized can be beneficial. Keeping up the moisturizing routine after the abrasions are healed is also necessary as the new skin grows and matures.

Serious infection risk

One issue that you face with road rash is that there are a lot of substances on the roads that you can’t account for. The road grime, vehicle fluids and dirt can lead to infections. For this reason, priority is given to cleaning out the wound when you seek medical care for road rash.

Watching the wounds closely is imperative as the area heals. Some signs of infection to watch for include:

  • Pus or foul-smelling drainage
  • Increased swelling around the wounds
  • Wounds becoming more red than normal
  • The area feeling hot
  • Experiencing flu-like symptoms – muscle aches, chills, fever, vomiting, nausea

Wounds that become infected will require antibiotics. Topical options might be beneficial, but doctors may opt for oral ones.

While it isn’t a common occurrence, severe road rash might require skin graft surgery to heal. This can be catastrophic to the victim since it is costly and requires them to take off work. When the motorcycle crash was the result of another driver’s negligence, seeking compensation can reduce the financial liability of the victim.

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