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You can’t teach everyone to be a good driver

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Some people just are not good drivers. When we think about the reasons, we often focus on ways to fix this. Maybe the person is young and inexperienced, for instance, and they’ll get better with time. Maybe they are reckless, and they simply need to learn how to slow down and understand the real risks.

This isn’t the wrong mindset. We should seek ways to turn people into safe drivers. However, it is also important to recognize that some people will never be good drivers. You cannot teach everyone to improve.

The reason is that some people have inherent traits that make them poor drivers. Maybe they have a medical condition like ADHD, for instance, that makes it harder for them to focus on the road. It’s not just driving; they can’t focus on anything. Even with medication, this will be a constant struggle for them.

Or, maybe they have slow reaction times, a low IQ or poor judgment skills. They make mistakes that a driver with a higher IQ would never make or that a driver with a better reaction time would be able to avoid. While they can sometimes take steps to improve, like working on their reaction times or increasing following distances, they can’t always overcome these personality traits. And the ones listed here are just a few of the traits that can make people into sub-standard drivers.

In short, even if you are a great driver, you are always going to face risks because you don’t know who you share the road with. If you get injured, you may need to seek out financial compensation.

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