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Distracted driving: Worse than you may think

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2019 | Car Accidents |

You probably know distracted driving is a problem, but do you realize exactly how bad the issue really is?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, all of the public service announcements encouraging drivers to pay attention to the road have been unproductive. There were at least 3,160 people killed due to distracted driving in 2017, which represents an incredible 9% increase over just the year before.

Yet, cellular phone use isn’t the lone source of distractions drivers face. The majority of fatal accidents due to distractions have nothing to do with a phone. Instead, some of the things that pose a significant distraction to drivers are:

  • Wandering thoughts, which account for about 62% of all distracted driving incidents
  • Someone or something outside the vehicle, whether that’s another driver, a pedestrian or some kind of spectacle (like a wreck)
  • The car’s other occupants, including restless children or quarreling adults
  • Reaching for an object, whether it’s something that rolled under the seat or something in a bag
  • Eating or drinking, especially when something suddenly spills
  • Adjusting the car’s controls, including fixing the heat or air or trying to find the wipers
  • Pets and unsecured objects, which can suddenly move and jog a driver’s hand or catch the driver’s attention in the rearview mirror
  • Smoking, especially if a driver drops the cigarette or lighter while in motion

A serious car accident has the potential to disrupt every part of your life. Your injuries can be painful, permanent and disruptive to your finances. You may find the medical bills piling up and worry about your ability to even return to work. It may be wise to investigate your right to compensation as soon as possible.

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