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How underride guards can help save lives in truck accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2019 | Truck Accidents |

Underride guards are important pieces of equipment installed on commercial trucks throughout the country. In fact, rear underride guards are required by law on all commercial tractor trailers. These guards prevent vehicles that slam into the rear of a tractor-trailer from going underneath the rear of the truck in an accident. Let’s explore how side underride guards can help save lives in truck accidents in today’s post.

Every tractor-trailer produced after 1996 must have rear underride guards installed on it. When a vehicle becomes lodged underneath a commercial truck, it can result in tragedy. Victims can become trapped, can become paralyzed, can be decapitated and can lose their lives.

You might have seen some tractor-trailers with side underride guards already. This is an optional safety measure taken by some trucking companies. Some trucks even have the underride guards on the front as well.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) released data from 2016 regarding accidents with tractor-trailers. That year, there were 1,475 people in passenger vehicles killed in accidents with this type of truck. Of those killed, 295 died because their vehicle hit the side of the truck.

That’s 295 deaths that might have been prevented if the trucks had underride guards installed on both sides. The bottom line here is that underride crashes are preventable.

As you can see, underride guards on the sides of commercial trucks can make a huge difference in preventing loss of life. Lawmakers across the country are working toward making this equipment a requirement for all trucks.

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