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Go to the doctor after a crash, even if you don’t have insurance

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2019 | Uncategorized |

People with mediocre health insurance or who aren’t insured often factor this into the decisions they make in daily life. Concern about injuries can inform everything from how often you drive to whether you play a pickup game of basketball with friends on the weekend. Although you may be a safe driver, you are vulnerable to the decisions that other people make on the road near you.

Whether someone chooses to send a text while merging lanes or gets behind the wheel after having a few drinks, the decisions made by other people can directly affect your life. If you don’t currently have medical coverage or if your medical coverage has a high deductible, coinsurance or substantial co-pays, you may not want to go to the doctor unless it is an absolute emergency.

You will likely end up paying for everything out of pocket. However, if you were in a collision caused by another driver and you think you are hurt, failing to go to the doctor could be a major mistake.

A doctor can verify you have injuries from the crash

Whether you go to your general practitioner or to the emergency room, the doctor who sees you can confirm the existence of injuries as a result of the collision you experienced. Proper diagnosis is critical toward securing compensation in the future.

If you hope to get medical care for the injury without paying out-of-pocket for it, the sooner you get a diagnosis confirming the crash caused your injury, the better your chances of a successful claim against the other driver.

If you don’t seek care or follow orders, that can hurt your case

Some injuries, including soft tissue injuries, broken bones and brain injuries, can get worse over time if you don’t take proactive steps to treat your symptoms.

If you don’t go to a doctor for a timely diagnosis, the other driver or their insurance company may be able to claim that the severity of your injuries is not a result of the accident but rather your refusal to seek medical care or to follow through with recommendations from a physician.

Car insurance usually pays for car crash injuries

Although you have every reason to worry about the potential expenses if you don’t have insurance or have high levels of personal responsibility for medical care you receive, your health insurance policy isn’t going to pay for a car crash injury.

They may pay up front, but they will likely subrogate the claim to the vehicle policy. Because car insurance policies will cover medical care you need, you won’t have to worry about co-pay or co-insurance, as the medical coverage from a liability policy won’t require them. If there isn’t enough coverage in the other driver’s policy, you may need to consider a personal injury lawsuit as well.

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