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Were you injured in a collision with a distracted driver?

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Every day, somewhere in Colorado, 40 collisions occur due to distracted drivers. In 2016, there were 67 road fatalities in the state attributed to distracted driving.

Two years ago, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) sent out their annual postal survey of the state’s drivers. According to the responses they received, in the week before completing the survey:

  • 40 percent said they read a text message while driving
  • 53 percent used handheld cellphones
  • 89 percent admitted to driving distracted in the prior week
  • 25 percent sent a text while driving
  • 54 percent used hands-free phones behind the wheel

Despite these worrisome statistics, according to a report from State Farm in 2015, 84 percent of those surveyed support having measures that prohibit physical interaction with cellphones while driving.

While some might be quick to blame teens and 20-somethings primarily for this problem, distracted driving occurs in drivers of all ages. It can involve interacting with a cellphone, pets, kids or adult passengers. It might be doing grooming tasks, fiddling with the car radio dial, drinking coffee or eating a burger. Distractions are anything that diverts the drivers hands, eyes and mind from the task at hand — driving.

You may have been guilty of some of the above actions in the past. Who among us hasn’t grabbed a quick bite through the drive-thru and drove off munching on it? But the fact remains that these distractions can and do put ourselves and others at risk for a wreck.

If you suffered injuries in a collision with an at-fault driver, it’s possible that distractions caused or contributed to the accident. You may need to file a claim for damages to receive any compensation for the injuries and damages from the accident.

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