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Off-duty paramedic dies in Palm Springs motorcycle crash

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2019 | Serious And Fatal Injuries |

A 34-year-old motorcyclist was killed recently when a driver allegedly made an illegal U-turn and struck the motorcycle in Palm Springs, California.

The man riding on the motorcycle had just completed his 12-hour shift as a paramedic. He died at the scene of the crash, which occurred on South Gene Autry Trail, south of the intersection with Dinah Shore Drive.

“Preliminary investigation shows the car made an illegal U-turn from the driveway/west roadway edge and collided with the motorcycle, which had been traveling in the southbound number one lane,” a statement issued by Palm Springs police. It added that “there is a designated two-way left-turn lane the driver could have used to make a legal U-turn.”

Police said neither alcohol nor drugs appeared to play a role in the crash.

The driver who made the U-turn was identified as a 54-year-old man who had moved to the area just two weeks ago. He stayed at the crash site and cooperated with police investigators, according to law enforcement officials.

Charges are pending upon completion of the investigation.

The victim’s colleagues came to the crash site to accompany his body from the scene. About 15 emergency response vehicles followed the coroner’s van as it left the fatal crash area.

A regional director of the emergency-response organization where the man worked told news sources that the motorcyclist is survived by his wife. She has a long road ahead of her in the grieving process, but when she is ready, she and others in similar positions may decide to consult attorneys to take legal action against any liable parties.

A breadwinner’s death can turn a family upside down. The future will be difficult without the deceased individual’s emotional and financial support. Seeking compensation through civil litigation is often the only path to justice in such cases.

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