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3 vehicle safety tips that could save your life

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2019 | Car Accidents |

When it comes to avoiding serious car accident injuries for yourself and your family, it’s not always about how well you adhere to traffic laws.

Sometimes, it’s about what other drivers are doing — and the negligent and reckless choices they make on the road. For this reason, every responsible driver needs to take care to be attentive and cautious with the following advice:

Don’t let yourself get distracted

Certain distractions are unlawful, and you’re probably not engaging in them if you’re a law-abiding citizen — like texting while driving. Other distractions are in the gray area of the law, like adjusting your radio, using your vehicle’s navigation device or changing the thermostat on your air conditioning. It’s important to take care with these items so that you can keep your eyes peeled and focused on the tiniest details around you. Maintaining better focus like this will give you advanced warning of potential accident scenarios, so you can take evasive action.

Scan ahead and watch out for blind spots

Looking ahead — especially before you enter an intersection — to make sure that all four directions of traffic are clear is essential. Keep an eye on your blind spots, too, including the blind spots of other cars. Not everyone is going to see you, so this added attention could save your life and someone else’s life.

Don’t assume other drivers will follow the law

The final tip is to never assume that other motorists are going to follow the law. Just because you have the right of way doesn’t mean that other motorists will act the way they’re supposed to.

When it comes to avoiding injuries and death, right and wrong don’t matter in the least. You simply need to do everything you can to stay safe. When it comes to pursuing personal injury or wrongful death damages, it’s all about “right and wrong” and who was being lawful in the situation. If you were recently hurt in a vehicle crash, our law firm can help you sort out your case.

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