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Don’t sign that settlement check without an attorney’s review

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

You’ve been in an accident with a commercial truck on a busy California boulevard. The driver calls for an ambulance. His boss rings the doorbell seemingly the minute you get home from the hospital, offering to settle.

The number looks pretty good, but you haven’t seen the hospital bills yet. You have no idea what kind of physical therapy you’ll need. But the boss is nice and convincing and tells you that’s the best they can do. You grab the pen to sign the contract to accept the check and be done with it.

Wait. Don’t sign. There’s still a lot to learn before you accept that check.

Due diligence must be done to find out the following:

  1. Who was at fault? That could be the most important thing to know in an accident case. An attorney will know how to figure out, and prove, who is at fault in the crash.
  2. Who are the possible defendants who could pay your recovery costs? The owner of the truck, the driver and the insurance company all are possibilities.
  3. What can discovery prove? Discovery is the act of disclosing the facts of the case, and a skilled attorney will make discovery work to your advantage.
  4. What are the specific laws governing California truck accidents?
  5. Is this offer really fair and the best one you’ll get? An attorney will negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf or advise whether you should take the one on the table.

An attorney experienced in truck accident litigation won’t accept a settlement without getting answers to these questions. You only get one chance at a settlement, so be sure to be armed with the best information possible.

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