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All drivers must help to keep motorcyclists safe

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Motorcycle safety is a priority for all drivers, even those who aren’t on two-wheeled vehicles. It is always imperative that proper measures are taken. The goal is for everyone to make it home safely at the end of the day.

There are steps that motorcyclists can take and some that other drivers can take to maximize safety on the roads. By working together, it is much more likely that wrecks won’t occur.

Prepare for a safe trip

Safety begins before drivers leave home. Motorcyclists need to wear a helmet and other safety gear so that they have a better chance of surviving a crash. When you choose a helmet, add a face shield or eye gear to increase the protection. Boots with non-skid soles, leather clothing, and gloves are also a good idea. Remember that California law requires anyone on a motorcycle to have a helmet.

All drivers, regardless of the vehicle they are operating, must ensure they are sober and well rested. Impairment and fatigue can both contribute to crashes. Everyone must also stay focused on driving instead of allowing distractions to overtake them.

Following traffic laws and obeying speed limits can also help. Be sure to slow down when there are hazards on the roads. These include factors like construction work, fallen leaves or rough patches. All can contribute to crashes.

Risks for motorcyclists

One of the biggest risks for motorcyclists is that other drivers don’t always give them the right of way they are due. Around two-thirds of crashes that occur between a motorcycle and another vehicle happen because of this.

Another risk they face is that the bikes have a low profile. This makes them harder to see, especially in intersections and when there are obstacles in a person’s line of vision. It can be difficult for drivers to see motorcycles, but this isn’t an excuse for them to drive carelessly. Divers often rush and don’t take the time and vigilance required behind the wheel at all times.

Motorcyclists who are in a crash are five times more likely to be injured and 26 times more likely to die than a person in another type of passenger vehicle. This is troublesome to think about, but safe driving by everyone can reduce this risk. For motorcyclists who are involved in a crash, expenses are likely going to mount quickly. Seeking compensation can address this financial problem.

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