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Mom, daughter hurt in motorized scooter crash on boardwalk

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2018 | Serious And Fatal Injuries |

A man whose ex-wife and 11-year-old daughter were seriously injured in a motorized scooter crash while on a Southern California getaway said had one area city council banned the vehicles, the accident never would have occurred.

The mother and daughter were visiting the San Diego area from Arizona in late June and decided to take the scooter for a ride on the Mission Beach boardwalk. They were riding double and didn’t have helmets on; both actions are illegal.

Still, at a San Diego City Council meeting a few days later, the girl’s father said the legislators were wrong to vote against an emergency ordinance a month ago. Had the council passed the ordinance, motorized scooters would not have been allowed on the boardwalk.

The man is a veteran firefighter in Arizona. He said his daughter suffered multiple injuries: a ruptured spleen, internal bleeding and a head injury. His ex-wife, he said, sustained numerous skull fractures and has a challenging road ahead.

When the council voted against the ordinance in May, it agreed to have a committee review the topic, but that has not occurred.

“The beach boardwalk is not the appropriate place for such high-speed, non-regulated, motorized scooters. I plead with you today to reconsider your decision and ban these motorized scooters from your community immediately,” the man told the council, according to NBC Los Angeles.

The council member who had brought up the emergency ordinance said she did so after hearing concerns about the safety of the motorized scooters.

“We are now seeing first hand why common-sense rules should be approved, and I urge my council colleagues to revisit this issue on the very clear grounds of protecting public safety,” councilwoman Lorie Zapf said.

Local jurisdictions have a responsibility to pass laws to keep residents and visitors safe. This concerned father could consult with an attorney to determine if the city holds any liability for his daughter’s injuries and the costs of her medical care, as could his ex-wife or her representative.

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