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Sand and gravel: A threat to riders

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2018 | Serious And Fatal Injuries |

Sand and gravel are two things that can quickly turn an upright rider sideways. Traction is of the utmost importance when you’re on a motorcycle, but gravel and sand are two things that could make that an impossibility.

Learning to ride on sand or gravel is vital, especially living near a beach. Gravel is a problem throughout the country and state, though. Take, for example, construction zones or rural roads; both have gravel you have to travel on. Sand, similarly, collects around beaches and in beach communities, so it’s bound to be on roads, in parking lots and other areas.

How can you drive safely on sand or gravel?

The trick is to create smooth movements on your motorcycle. You don’t want to suddenly brake or stop, since your motorcycle is more likely to slide or drift. If you feel you need to brake, don’t make the mistake of going for the front brake first. You need to reach for your rear brake, which is less likely to result in you being thrown from the motorcycle upon an abrupt stop.

On corners, remember to slow down. Don’t do anything too abrupt, like braking or speeding up. Take the corner smoothly, gently speeding up if you’re starting from a stop.

Finally, make sure your tires have good tread. Tread makes a difference and helps your tires grip roadways you may otherwise slide on.

If you do get into a crash because of another driver or because of dangerous roadways, keep in mind that you have legal options open to you to pursue.

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