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Who's responsible if you slip and fall on sand?

You love going to the beach, but one of the major concerns you have is slipping and falling. The last few times you've been there, you've almost fallen walking down a set of stairs near the beach. The sand is gritty but soft enough to make the stairs slick. The stairs themselves are worn down from years of wind, sand and water, making them particularly smooth and slick as well.

If you fall and get hurt, can you hold anyone responsible for your injuries? It's a good question, and the answer depends on a number of factors.

Neglect and poor maintenance

The first thing your case needs to show is that the owner of a property was neglectful or failed to keep up on its maintenance. For example, if you slip and fall on the stairs that belong to a hotel and there are no grips on the stairs for friction, you may be in a good potion to start a claim. Why? The hotel's owner should be aware of the risk of slipping and falling if stairs become wet or aged, so there has to be a pad or other form of traction added on.

Neglecting the stairs could also play a role. For instance, if a stair bends and breaks under you and you hurt yourself, this is a good reason to make a claim.

Can you claim if you slip and fall on sand or collected water?

Possibly. It's fairly common to see sand or water accumulate during different times of the day. If there are warning signs telling you to watch out for these hazards, then you likely do not have a case. However, if you can show that the owner didn't take steps to eliminate the hazards and didn't warn others of the risks, then you could have the basis for a claim.

It's not always easy to know if you have everything you need to make a claim, but you can collect evidence and statements from witnesses to support any claim you want to make. For your case, you should consider taking photos, keeping medical records and bills, obtaining witness statements and looking into whether or not the owner has faced claims in the past due to similar issues. With the right information gathered, you make it easier for a judge to rule in your favor when you take your case to court.

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