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Drivers aggravated over slowdown in Manhattan Beach

On Behalf of | May 25, 2018 | Serious And Fatal Injuries |

Manhattan Beach is known as a great place to visit, and there’s lots to do. However, for people who live there, the daily commute may seem more important than slowing down for beachgoers or watching out for cyclists. In the morning rush, the reality is that there’s a risk for crashes, but all it takes is for drivers to slow down.

Los Angeles took steps to reduce the speeds on several roads in Playa del Rey because of issues with pedestrian crashes. Of course, with that, the risk to pedestrians lowered but the aggravation of motorists increased. Commuters found that the rush-hour traffic is miserable, and workers spend more time on the roads away from their family members. Others believe that the changes will hurt recruitment for jobs in the area.

The honest reality, though, is that changes, while frustrating, are good. They are part of Vision Zero, which is a project hoping to reduce accidents and deaths to zero by slowing traffic down.

Interestingly, while people complain about the slowdown, the statistics show that traffic still moves vehicles through at the same rate, car are just closer together while moving through an area.

No one should have to go through the loss of a loved one because drivers just want to go faster. Pedestrians and drivers need to work together to reduce the number of accidents and injuries taking place, to prevent wrongful deaths and to make the area safer for everyone who wants to visit or live there. With just a few adjustments, it’s possible to make Manhattan Beach a safer area.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Hey, Manhattan Beach, preventing pedestrian deaths is more important than your speedy morning commute,” Peter Flax, accessed May 25, 2018

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