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Black boxes help prove negligence in trucking cases

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

After a truck accident, one thing that could help your case is if you can obtain the black box from the truck. Commercial vehicles have a black box that records what happens throughout the day. These Electronic Control Modules (EMCs) collect data on the truck’s operations including speed, time driven, RPMs, seat belt usage, idling time and other important data.

While these devices weren’t originally intended to help victims of trucking accidents, they are doing just that. However, it’s necessary for attorneys to move quickly if they want to get this data. It deletes itself on a 30-day cycle in most current models, but the data may delete sooner in older models. As time passes, the likelihood of obtaining helpful data decreases.

EMCs are also the property of trucking companies, which means that the company can delete the data at any time. One good way to prevent this is by obtaining a restraining order on the EMC.

An EMC is a potentially case-changing piece of evidence. It can help point out log discrepancies and show a driver who speeds or is careless. A court order must quickly be filed to prevent data destruction and to obtain the data for use in court.

If you’re in a crash with a truck, remember that you need to report it and contact your attorney as quickly as possible. Your attorney can focus on getting the evidence needed to support your case, so you can focus on recovering from a serious accident. The right information could help you recover more compensation from the collision.

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