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Large truck crashes cause serious injuries and fatalities

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

Large trucks are involved in around one in 10 highway crashes, which in itself shows how often these vehicles end up harming others. Large truck crashes typically result in injuries, and if any party is killed, it tends to be those in the passenger vehicle. The reason for this is because the larger truck provides better protection to its driver. The smaller passenger vehicle is no match for the larger, heavier vehicle that collides with it.

In 2016, 3,986 people were killed in large truck crashes. Only 17 percent of those people were in the large trucks. Sixty-six percent were people in passenger vehicles. Sixteen percent were pedestrians, motorcyclists or bicyclists at the time of the collision.

The majority of large trucks involved in crashes are tractor-trailer types. These vehicles have a detachable trailer, in most cases, which means that the front cab has the potential to come loose or move in a different direction than its load. Jackknifing is one potential danger of large trucks. As the vehicle swings across a lane, it has the potential to hit multiple vehicles and cause a pileup collision.

Interestingly, around 60 percent of large truck crashes happen on major roads that are not freeways or interstates. Thirty-two percent happen on freeways and interstates, while around 7 percent happen on smaller roads. Typically, large trucks are not found on smaller, residential or local roads due to size and weight restrictions.

Large trucks are dangerous, and that’s something everyone knows. If you’re hit, understand that you have a right to fight for compensation. Your injuries may be severe, and you deserve a chance at a claim.

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