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You deserve fair compensation after a serious brain injury

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2018 | Serious And Fatal Injuries |

The brain is responsible for everything in the body. When it suffers as a result of an injury, it’s possible to struggle in many different ways. The ways in which you may have trouble could vary from how others would. For instance, someone who suffers a head injury in the frontal lobe is likely to have different symptoms than someone who hit the parietal lobe.

The kind of injury suffered also plays a role in symptoms and recovery. For those who suffer contusions, the brain is bruised. Localized bleeding on the brain can cause a clot to form, which then needs to be removed surgically in many cases. It’s possible to have two contusions even if you hit only one side of your head, since the impact may have been great enough to cause injuries to both sides of the brain.

Another kind of injury you might suffer from is a penetration injury. This happens when an object penetrates the skull and then enters the brain. For instance, at a high speed, a pen or pencil could impale the skull and puncture the brain, which would lead to swelling and the rupturing of tissues.

Whenever a person suffers from a brain injury, it’s important that he or she gets help right away. Quickly treating the injuries helps reduce the spread of damage across the brain, which can happen due to swelling.

Our website has more information about brain injuries and what you can do to get compensated after an accident. A serious injury like this may require long-term care and financial support.

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