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Motorcycle safety begins before you start the engine

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcycle riders need to take steps to ensure that they are remaining as safe as possible when they are on the road. Two important steps including making sure they have proper riding equipment and that the motorcycle is ready to ride.

The safety gear that motorcycle riders put on before a ride can minimize the risk of certain injuries if there is a motorcycle crash. Doing a quick safety check on the motorcycle can reduce the risk of a crash.

Protect yourself

You need to protect yourself by wearing a helmet and appropriate safety gear. Anyone who is riding on a motorcycle is required to wear a helmet in California. This is for a good reason. A properly fitting helmet can reduce the risk of a head injury if you are hit while on the motorcycle or if you are thrown off. Motorcycle accidents can lead to brain injuries, such as concussions and more severe traumatic brain injuries.

The other safety gear you choose is optional, but you should think carefully about the purpose of each piece. Even though it is often warm here in California, it is a good idea to wear a motorcycle jacket. This isn’t about the way it looks. The thick leather of a motorcycle jacket might protect you from road rash if you are thrown from the motorcycle. Some jackets have integrated body armor for increased protection.

Wearing long pants, closed-toe shoes or boots, and gloves can also offer protection. As you are picking out gear, think about reflective options to make it easier for other drivers on the road to see you especially when it is dark.

Inspect your motorcycle

You should do a quick inspection of the motorcycle before each ride. Check the tires, chain or belt, and lights. You should also check the fluids to make sure that nothing needs to be topped off.

Once you are on the motorcycle, pay attention to the throttle, steering and brakes before you take off on your ride. Make sure that you can comfortably control the motorcycle, even if you are only going on a short ride.

Most motorcycle crashes occur on short trips that are less than five miles, so a short trip isn’t ever a reason to bypass these safety tips. No matter where you are going, there is a chance of an accident occurring. If you are in an accident and suffer injuries, make sure that you get medical care and then consider seeking compensation.

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