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How should you drive through a flood?

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents |

With flooding taking over parts of the United States due to hurricanes and a fall season with heavy rains and snow possible, it’s important to understand how to drive safely in flooded areas.

The first thing you need to do is remember to check the radar. If the weather is bad, you need to prepare yourself mentally for the drive and be prepared with the right emergency items in your vehicle. Keep supplies including flashlights and drinking water in your vehicle. Remember blankets, a cellphone and spare radio, too.

When the roads are flooded, you should never drive through them if you don’t know how deep they are. Doing so could end up flooding your engine and ruining your vehicle. If you absolutely must get through the flooded area, approach slowly. If the water is over six inches, turn around and find another way. Your vehicle will float if there is more than a foot of water and can be moved by just two feet of water.

If your vehicle is damaged in the flood, it may be a total loss. Water damage can result in electrical damage and flooded engines that simply will not work. If that happens when you are in your vehicle, don’t stay inside. Get out and call for help. Someone may need to tow your vehicle and take you to safety.

With a motorcycle, you’re at a particularly high risk of getting wet and stranding yourself in a flood. Your vehicle weighs less than others, which means it can be easily pushed by high waters. Stay off the roads if you can avoid them during a flood; your safety may rely on it.

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