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Roadway safety: It’s everyone’s job to stay safe and alert

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Whether you’re a pedestrian or a truck driver, it’s up to you to be safe on the roads. While it’s negligence that causes most accidents on the roads, there are things that everyone can do to prevent accidents, from paying attention to slowing down.

While the weather is warm, it’s more likely for motorcyclists to be on the roads, and that’s another thing to look out for when you’re driving. With over 884,000 motorcycles registered in California and over 1.4 million licensed riders, it’s vitally important to monitor the roads, slow down and be aware of motorcyclists on the roads.

Both motorcyclists and drivers must make it a priority to share the roads safely. Motorcyclists can be hard to see, and their speeds may be hard to gauge. Additionally, they’re more vulnerable in an accident. Drivers should remember to look twice before turning into the roadway and to listen for motorcyclists. Staying alert helps prevent accidents.

In 2015, 494 motorcyclists were killed in fatal accidents in California alone. Thousands more were injured. What can be done to prevent these serious collisions?

The priority should always be sharing the roads. Many of these accidents take place when drivers don’t see the motorcyclists. Motorcyclists can help by standing out more and wearing bright colors. Drivers can slow down and be sure to check the roads a few times before pulling out into traffic. Just by following these tips, the roads can be much safer for everyone, whether you’re walking in a crosswalk, taking a drive on a motorcycle or heading out with family in your minivan.

Source: California Highway Patrol, “Roadway Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility,” accessed Aug. 09, 2017

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