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Bitten on the beach: What you can do now

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2017 | Dog Bite Injury |

All you wanted was to have a fun day at the beach, but it was promptly ruined as soon as some people brought their dogs out to play. At first, you thought they’d be fun, since you’d expect pets to be well-behaved in public. Soon, you found they were aggressive and snippy any time you got too close to where the people had sat down.

You monitored the dogs for a while and felt like it would be okay if you just didn’t pay attention to them. You were worried about the kids around you though, so you approached the people to ask them to put the dog on a leash. As you approached, the larger of the two dogs growled and barked aggressively. Then, the smaller dog attacked.

Fortunately for you, the people were able to get their pets off you quickly. Additionally, the lifeguard was on the scene, so he was able to call 911 and begin treating your injuries to prevent blood loss. You’re angry because these injuries could have been prevented!

What should you do if you’re attacked?

The people in this case would be responsible for the way their pets acted in public. Not leashing pets is a major problem, especially if they’re showing signs of aggression. Since you were in a public place, the people should have been monitoring their pets better and known if aggression could bother other beach-goers.

Keep all your medical records and make sure the police take a report. Since the dogs are present, it’s possible to monitor them for illness as well, so you may not need to receive a rabies vaccine or other inoculations unless the dogs are ill. Keep all information about the attack at the ready, so you can file a claim to be compensated for what you went through.

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