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How to avoid aggressive driving incidents in California

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Aggressive driving is a problem on the roads of California even though law enforcement agencies do everything possible to curb this issue. Aggressive drivers can be found anywhere and can show up with little to no warning or notice. As a driver, you can avoid aggressive drivers by taking some simple precautions when behind the wheel in Manhattan Beach.

The most common reasons why drivers experience road rage from other drivers include the following:

– Fighting over a parking spot

– Being cut off in a lane

– Annoyance at another driver honking their horn

– Inappropriate gestures

– Being unable to pass a slower vehicle

– Being tailgated

Aggressive driving is a bigger problem than many people might think. Here are some stats on this issue:

– Aggressive driving play a role in 66 percent of fatalities in accidents

– In 37 percent of aggressive driving incidents a firearm was used

– 50 percent of people who experience aggressive driving react the same way

If you become the victim of an aggressive driver, you can easily make sure the situation does not escalate to something more tragic, like a fatal accident, by performing any of the following tips.

If someone is tailgating you, move to a new lane or pull to the side of the road to let them pass you. It’s not worth the hassle of speeding up or even driving slower to annoy the other driver.

Try to defuse the situation by using a gesture that is calming or apologetic. This can let the other driver know you were at fault and are sorry for your driving mistake. Try to make sure you adjust your driving habits so this doesn’t happen again.

If an angry driver is near you, avoid eye contact with them and give them plenty of room on the road.

Have you been involved in an accident involving an aggressive driver? Contact our firm in Manhattan Beach to discuss your case and the steps you can take to ensure your rights are protected.

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