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Anaheim pedestrian collision kills 1, injures 1

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2017 | Uncategorized |

An Anaheim grandmother was walking with her young nephew and granddaughter last Tuesday when a motorist struck them. Tragically, the grandmother did not survive and her baby granddaughter was seriously hurt in the incident.

The accident happened on a recent Tuesday afternoon at about 2 p.m.. The motorist drove through the iron gate of an apartment complex and hit the grandmother and her 1-year-old granddaughter. Police allege that the motorist was speeding in reverse through an alley in the back of an apartment complex when she hit the 44-year-old grandmother. The woman had her grandchild in a stroller at the time of the collision.

The force of the accident caused the woman to get pinned beneath the vehicle. Although emergency medical responders transported her to a nearby medical center, she didn’t survive her injuries and was later pronounced dead. According to neighbors, the dutiful grandmother was always watching her grandchildren and taking care of them.

According to neighbors, the driver — who stayed at the scene to speak with police — was known to be a reckless driver. Neighbors recounted stories of the driver hitting others with her vehicle. At this time, local authorities have not indicated whether the driver, in this case, has been criminally charged for the deaths.

Close family members of anyone killed by a reckless driver in Los Angeles will likely have viable wrongful death claims to seek financial restitution in court. By speaking with a skilled personal injury lawyer, surviving close family members can learn more about their legal rights and options in this regard.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, “Car Accident In Anaheim Leaves Grandma Dead, Granddaughter Hurt,” June 13, 2017

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