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An Antioch man and his dog are struck, killed in a hit-and-run

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2017 | Uncategorized |

A 41-year-old Antioch man was struck and killed as he was out walking his dog in Bay Point on Tuesday, June 6, 2017. The fatal hit-and-run accident, which was responded to by California Highway Patrol (CHP), occurred at the intersection of Lakeview Drive and Port Chicago Highway right before 10:52 p.m. Both the man and his dog were pronounced dead on the scene.

Crash scene investigators with the CHP have determined that the suspect in this case most likely was traveling in the eastbound direction along Port Chicago Highway when the driver made contact with the man and his dog. The crash report seems to reflect that the pair may have been moving about in an active traffic lane at the time they were struck.

If there were any witnesses to the fatal accident, none have come forward. There’s no information readily available that would help lead police to be able to identify the suspect. CHP has not referenced there being any car parts of debris left behind from the impact either. This makes it difficult for the public to help in identifying the driver or vehicle that fled the scene.

Anyone who was a witness to suspicious activity in the area around the time of the accident or has seen unexplained front end damage to an individual’s car is urged to call the Contra Costa CHP.

While the suspect in this hit-and-run case is still at large, if caught, he or she is bound to be charged, at the very least, with the crime of fleeing the scene of an accident resulting in an injury. The driver could face much more serious criminal charges such as vehicular manslaughter as well.

Family members of the deceased may also choose to collaborate with a Los Angeles auto-pedestrian accident attorney to file a wrongful death civil lawsuit against the defendant in this case. If they do, they may be able to recover expenses associated with funeral costs, a loss of companionship and others.

Source:, “Pedestrian, Dog Killed In Bay Point Hit-And-Run: CHP,” June 07, 2017

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