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Motorcycle safety tips: Being seen and heard prevents accidents

On Behalf of | May 20, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Motorcyclists are vulnerable to being seriously hurt or killed every time they get on their bikes. For this reason, they want to employ every safety technique they can to prevent getting into an accident. Aside from having good brakes and wearing a high-quality helmet, motorcyclists should also strive to be seen and heard.

Here are a few safety techniques that motorcyclists can employ to help them get noticed in this regard:

— Install a hyperhorn: If you ride an older bike, you probably don’t have a very loud horn. Installing a hyperhorn will ensure that when you want to be noticed, you will most definitely be heard.

— Install loud pipes: Don’t be afraid to be “that guy.” The louder your motorcycle is, the more likely it is that drivers will notice you. It doesn’t matter if you upset a few people if it means that you will avoid getting into a crash with a driver who doesn’t notice you.

— Wear neon: Maybe it’s not that stylish, but if you have to be neon green in order to be seen, don’t be shy to wear high-visibility clothing.

— Install high-intensity lights: Buy the brightest headlight available. This is money well-spent as it will help other drivers see you. Consider a high-intensity discharge xenon, which will make you more noticeable both at night and during the daylight hours.

— Get a headlight modulator: A headlight modulator brings attention to you and your bike in a much more effective way than just a regular light that isn’t being modulated.

No amount of motorcycle safety precautions will keep you 100 percent safe from getting hurt by a negligent or unlawful driver. If you are injured by another motorist, you might be able to seek financial restitution in court by filing a personal injury claim.

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