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Is it time to replace your motorcycle tires?

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Motorcycles are all about efficiency and economy. There’s little on your bike that doesn’t serve a utilitarian purpose. Take your motorcycle tires, for example. Tires have two primary purposes. They need to grip the road to (1) stop and maneuver around obstacles, and (2) propel you quickly and efficiently.

Motorcycle tire maintenance, however, is different from motor vehicle tire maintenance. Bike tires don’t last as long as car tires, but because a lot of motorcyclists only ride their bikes for pleasure on the weekends, it might take longer for the tread to wear down: don’t be fooled. The general recommendation is to take your tires in for a professional inspection each year after they become five years old.

Furthermore, the rubber on motorcycles is softer than on car tires so your bike can grip the road better. This increases safety, but your tires will wear down sooner. The rubber will also dry and become hard out sooner on a bike, and this is dangerous.

Here’s how to inspect your tires for signs they need to be replaced:

— Check the wear indicators in the tread grooves. If it looks like your tires have worn close to the wear indicator, it’s time to replace them.

— Check for defects. Any cracking anywhere on the tire is a clear sign that it’s replacement time. Uneven wearing or squaring of the tire also mean it’s time to replace.

— Remember how old your tires are. When considering age, go by the manufacturing date. If it’s ten years after the date of manufacture, the rubber is hard, and the tires are no longer safe.

Even when your tires are in the best condition, as a motorcyclist, you could always get seriously hurt on the road. Riders who suffer injury due to the fault of another party will have the right to seek financial compensation for their injuries in court. A tire expert can keep your tires safe, but if you get into a crash, a motorcycle accident lawyer will help you seek financial restitution and justice.

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